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X-Figure : Number Crosswords

Easy Puzzle on iPhone

X-Figure puzzles are like crosswords, but the answers are numbers rather than words. They range in difficulty from easy to fiendish (the one on the right is easy).

Many clues refer to the answer to another clue. At the easier levels there are always some clues that get you started, for example:

1 Across: Four times 2 across
2 Across: Days in three weeks

But the harder puzzles don’t have these. You’ll need to stretch your brain to get the first numbers in:

1 Across: Four times 2 across
2 Across: 1 across minus sixty-three

Puzzles on the iPad have larger grids and more clues than on the iPhone (seen here), but the smaller version can be just as tricky.

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Puzzle shown on iPhone

This addictive game makes you think about numbers and can quickly help to build confidence in mental arithmetic. Given six numbers and the four basic arithmetic operators (+ - x ÷), you must attempt to reach a given target number while the clock ticks relentlessly away.

QuickCount allows you to choose the level of difficulty and the available time. Whether you want to practice your times tables, or just exercise your brain, there’s a level for you.

The Game Center Leaderboard allows you to compare your times with the rest of the World.

You can even play head-to-head against a friend!

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Math Gym

Puzzle on iPhone

Math Gym creates puzzles designed to exercise your mental arithmetic. A series of calculations scroll up the page, and you have to work out the final answer.

As you progress, the math gets harder and scrolls away faster. With 10 levels of difficulty (from simple addition and subtraction through to cube roots and primes), and 10 speed settings, there is something to challenge everyone from elementary school level to math graduate.

The deliberately clean and simple interface allows you to concentrate on the problem in hand, with no adverts or other distractions.

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GCSE 2013-2016 Higher Tier Maths

Explanation on iPhone (IOS7)

Not a game, but a GCSE learning and revision aid from Churchill Maths - producers of the widely respected GCSE Maths Practice Papers used by schools throughout the UK.

GCSE Maths contains more than 300 practice questions and model answers, designed specifically for the Higher Tier GCSE. These include over 200 questions organised by topic and difficulty, complete with full explanations, and four complete practice papers.

All of the questions are different from those on the papers sold to schools, but are of the same high quality.

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