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GCSE 2013-2016 Higher Tier Maths

Explanation on iPhone (IOS7)

Not a game, but a GCSE learning and revision aid from Churchill Maths - producers of the widely respected GCSE Maths Practice Papers used by schools throughout the UK.

GCSE Maths contains more than 300 practice questions and model answers, designed specifically for the Higher Tier GCSE. These include over 200 questions organised by topic and difficulty, complete with full explanations, and four complete practice papers.

All of the questions are different from those on the papers sold to schools, but are of the same high quality.

Free Algebra Version

There is a Free Sample Version available, which contains the entire Algebra topic area and one of the practice papers from the full app. That’s one quarter of the full content for free, so it’s something of an understatement to call it a sample - this is a complete GCSE Algebra revision resource.


The questions and practice papers are for the Linear (2-paper) GCSE Maths Higher Tier. The apps have been prepared specifically for the following specifications:

AQA Mathematics (Linear) B 4365
OCR Mathematics B J567
Edexcel  Mathematics A - Linear (1MA0)

Churchill Maths Ltd

Churchill Maths have been writing GCSE Maths Practice Papers for a number of years, and these are now used by a large proportion of schools in the UK. They have a reputation for attention to detail - with papers that look just like the real thing - to the extent of adapting questions to the style and content of the different awarding bodies.

Please note that GCSE Maths is not a CodeWell product, but we have been involved in its production. We have a long and proud association with Churchill Maths, and are continuing to work with them in the development of further apps in this range.

Educational Purchases

Churchill Maths’ apps are all available under Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme (VPP).

Through this, schools are given a 50% discount when buying 20 or more licences. These may be used on the schools’ own iPads, or distributed to students to install on their personal iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

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