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Puzzle shown on iPhone

QuickCount is similar to the numbers game from TV’s Countdown. It requires you to think about numbers and can quickly help to build confidence in mental arithmetic.

You are given six random numbers. With these, and the four basic arithmetic operators (+ - x ÷), you must attempt to reach a given target number against the clock.

QuickCount allows you to choose the level of difficulty and the available time. Whether you want to practice your times tables, or simply exercise your brain, there is a level for you. You can break the solution down into simple chunks, but if you do use a mixture of operators it correctly applies them in the correct order (BIDMAS) and automatically inserts brackets for clarity.

These screenshots are of the iPhone/iPod Touch display, but the game is also designed for the iPad and iPad Mini; see the App Store for iPad screenshots.

Game Settings on iPhone


  • Level affects the degree of difficulty in solving the puzzle.
  • Large Numbers are selected from 25, 50, 75 and 100, with the remainder being in the range 1-10
  • Seconds is the time allowed.
  • Sound can be turned on or off.
  • Enable the Game Centre for Leaderboard and Multiplayer support.
Multiplayer Results on iPhone

Game Centre & Multiplayer Support:

Your recent average time to complete the puzzles is kept as your score*. If you’re signed into the Game Centre, your best score is uploaded to the Leaderboard.

When signed into the Game Centre, you can also compete head-to-head. Simply tap the Multiplayer icon and issue an invitation to any of your friends. Once they accept, you will both be set the same puzzle and the clock starts. At the end of each game you get to see their best effort together with the computer’s own solution.

* Note that a penalty is added to your time if you use a hint.

Score on iPhone


  • There is always a solution, and at the end of the game the computer will show you the one it found. Yours may well be more elegant!
  • Tap the question mark to be shown a hint (not available in multiplayer mode).
  • When you delete a line, any lines that depend on it will also go.
  • If you want to give up, press the stop button in the top left. You are then given the chance to see the solution.


  • QuickCount was previously called Quickfire Maths.
  • Countdown originated on French TV as Des Chiffres et des Lettres.
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