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X-Figure Hints

Easy and Medium Puzzles

Easy Puzzle on iPhone

Getting Started

These always have clues that can be answered on their own. Solve these first, then look for clues that refer to them.

Use Show Hints on the Options menu to highlight clues that are ready to be answered. This saves time, but not brain power, so it’s not cheating!

If this method comes to halt, look for individual cells that can be filled rather than whole answers. For example; suppose you know that 1 Across ends in a 9, and you are given:

2 Down:1 across minus nine
4 Down:1 across times two

With a little thought, you’ll see that 2 Down must end in zero, and 4 Down ends in 8.

Multiples of 2 and 5

These are your friends. Once you know that something is even (say because it’s an even multiple of something else) or odd (such as a prime), then you can often deduce the odd or evenness of any related clues.

If you know something is odd or even, and another clue multiplies it by 5, you have the last digit.

Harder Puzzles

Notes Pop-up on iPhone

Getting Started

These do not have simple entry points. You will always need to find clues that link to each other, or build the solution up from single cells.

Look for multiples of 5 or even numbers. Primes and squares often provide ways in.

Answer Lengths

If, for example, 4 times a two digit number also has two digits, that tells you something about both numbers. (In this case; the smaller one starts with 1 or 2, the larger is at least 40).

Enter Notes

Whenever you have some knowledge about a possible answer, record it with the Notes facility (Edit Notes or double-tap).

You can select the possible digits for a given cell and enter notes about each clue. The pop-up also lists all the clues that refer to this one, which can save some searching.

General Hints

Help Pages on iPhone

Read The Help

The help pages are full of useful information about how to get the most out of X-Figure (tap Game Help).

They include tables of squares, cubes, and primes.

No Leading Zeroes

Answers never start with a zero. If the clue is A Perfect Square, and there are two squares in the grid, the answer is not 09.

Use Auto-Verify

Turn on Options Verify Answers to see how you’re getting on.

Last Resorts

Educated Guesswork

If you’re really stuck on a Hard puzzle, use pencil mode Pencil to try out a train of thought.

  • If you’re already using pencil, first select Edit Convert Pencil to Pen
  • Then turn on Edit Enter in Pencil
  • Find a square with only a few possible digits, and pick one.
  • Continue with the puzzle until you either encounter an impossibility or decide that the guess must have been correct.
  • Finally, either Erase Pencil Entries or Convert Pencil to Pen

Reveal the Answer

X-Figure will show you the answer it has, highlighting cells where you have a different digit.

On rare occasions this may not be the only solution. If you complete the puzzle differently, but with all clues satisfied correctly, that’s fine - X-Figure will still recognise your version as correct.

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